MOMcon Recap!

For those of you who may not have heard, seven of our leaders went to Kansas City, Missouri prior to our last meeting for the MOPS International Conference, aka MOMcon. They spent 3 days learning valuable information on how to improve our MOPS group, how to be a better leader, how to be a better wife, and how to be a better mom (because we all know that better moms make a better world)! These ladies spoke at our September 25th meeting about various topics from MOMcon ranging from painful childhood memories all the way to friends and their underwear preferences!! We laughed and we cried together. We don’t want you to forget any of those precious resources that were mentioned, so here is a list of the ladies that spoke, the topic they spoke on, and any books, podcasts, websites, etc, that you may find useful. Enjoy!!


Brittany Kaldor spoke on “Letting go of your try hard life”

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  • Book: Simply Tuesday
  • Podcast: The Next Right Thing

Brittany Sherich spoke on “Modern Parents, Vintage Values”

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  • Book: Taming the Technology Monster
  • Book: Modern Parents, Vingate Values
  • Website:

Kim Dully Spoke on “Finding Purpose in your Pain”

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  • Website:
  • Podcast: Nothing is Wasted

Jessica Weasenforth spoke on “Emotions and Young Children”

  • Book: Intentional Parenting
  • Video Curriculum: Raising Boys and Girls – The art of understanding the Difference

Abby Gaudino spoke on “The Power of Us”

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  • You can watch her MOMcon session on
  • Book: Starry-Eyed: Seeing Grace in the Unfolding Constellations of Life and Moherhood

Ashley Kosem spoke on “Kindness Changes Everything”

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  • Book: The Kindness Challenge
  • Website:

Jenna Ciszewski spoke on “Reclaiming Home”

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  • Book: Reclaiming Home: A Family’s Guide for Life, Love, and Legacy
  • Website:
  • Website:
  • Podcast: The Open Door Sisterhood

And here are some other resources that weren’t spoken about at our meeting but are definitely worth checking out!!

  • Book: “The Circle Maker” – Mark Batterson
  • Book: “One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are” – Ann Voskamp
  • Book: “Love Does” – Bob Goff
  • Book: “How to Fix a Broken Record” – Amena Brown
  • Book: “Be The Gift” – Ann Voskamp
  • Book: “Loving My Actual Christmas”- Alexandra Kuykendall
  • Book: “Walk it Out” – Tricia Goyer
  • She Reads Truth – Bible