Merry Christmas!

Memerrychristmasrry Christmas MOPS Mommas!  We had a wonderful meeting today.  The lovely Jenn Lewis talked to us about being a mother during the busy Christmas season.  She reminded us that we have an amazing heavenly father that is always watching over us.  She encouraged us to lean into him during this busy (and stressful) season.  Jenn also explained that birth of Christ and why Christians celebrate it.

Christ came to bridge the gap between us and God.  He created a road to redemption.  If you would like to know more about who God is and why he sent his son Jesus, then I encourage you to reach out to your table leaders.  They will be happy to guide you.

The new Spring 2017 schedule is posted.  Please SAVE THE DATE for Friday January 13th.  We will be hosting a Mom Prom, that will be 80’s themed!

I pray that you have a joyful season and I can’t wait to see everyone again after the new year!