Wheeling MOPS works in conjunction with the Vineyard Church of Wheeling to provide a safe place for our kids and peace of mind for you. Successful policies have already been established at the church and will also pertain to our MOPS KIDS program. Your children’s care and safety are our number one priority and we have planned our childcare with them in mind.

All children are to attend the MOPS Kids program. Infants younger than 6 months may stay with you but those older present a distraction to other moms, invited guests and speakers. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

MOPS Kids Childcare Coordinator:

Abigail Gaudino (contact info available upon request)

Please feel free to contact Abigail directly at any time if you have any concerns with the MOPS Kids program and you do not feel comfortable coming to the Steering Team.

Childcare workers:

All childcare workers will provide an application including past experiences and qualifications. References will be checked – no exceptions made. Initial information and ongoing training via literature and meetings will be furnished by MOPS leaders and the Vineyard Children’s Ministry staff. Guidelines and reporting procedures will be given as part of the training.

Checking In and Out:

Please try to arrive for check-in by 9:30am. Children will be checked in at the welcome center computers in the lobby. When you check in on the computer, you will receive a name tag for your child. For children under age three please try to place this tag on the back of their shirt. An additional tag with your child’s number will be given to you, this is yours to present when you pick up your child for security purposes. Do not lose your tag! If you do misplace this tag, you will need to present your driver’s license to pick up your child from the childcare room. This is for your children’s safety.

Go to the door of your child’s classroom and allow the caregiver to gather your child and only his/her necessary belongings. Show your nametag and your child’s to match. Please be sure to thank the caregiver!

In the Classroom:

Adults are not to be left alone with children unless it is in a public and visible area. Teenagers may help or teach as long as an adult care-worker is present in the classroom.

If your child needs to use the bathroom or have their diaper changed, a childcare worker will come notify you. It is church policy that only the parents do this. If your child is potty training, please tell your child’s caregiver when to come get you to take your child to the restroom. If you are unsure that your child will stay dry during the meeting, please use a Pull-up or diaper to avoid messy accidents.

For their safety, children are to be picked up by a parent or guardian immediately after MOPS. If you wish to stay and visit with your MOPS friends, you may then take your children into the meeting room with you.

If there comes a time when you must bring a child that is not your own, please contact the MOPS Childcare Coordinator (listed above), or your group leader to make arrangements in advance, please and thank you.


Snacks for the kids will be provided by the tables assigned to bring in refreshments for that meeting. This way we can provide the children a fresh and healthier snack each meeting. We ask that our moms do not bring anything with peanuts or peanut oils due to allergies. Please be sure to communicate to your child’s teacher if your child has a food allergy, particularly to peanuts, wheat or milk.


Many kids experience separation anxiety – yours are not alone! Our MOPS Kids workers will do everything they can to engage your child if they are upset. If, after a reasonable amount of time (determined in advance by you) they are still upset, a MOPS Kids worker will come get you. We ask that our moms please do not peek into the nursery or classrooms. This makes ALL the children want their moms! Please be assured that if your child is not adapting well, a child care worker will come get you. Otherwise, you can safely assume that all is well and your child is having fun – enjoy the mom time!


Corporal punishment is never used.

Children will not be permitted to behave in the following manner:

–           Hitting, pushing, biting, grabbing, kicking, spitting, or pinching other children/infants/adults will not be allowed

–           No standing or climbing on chairs or tables or any other dangerous behavior

–           There will be no use of obscene, derogatory or disrespectful language

–           No biting.  After first bite, we will invite you to volunteer in your child’s classroom.  If a second bite occurs, we will ask you to keep your child out of all Vineyard childcare for 2 weeks/ or 2 meetings.

If any of the above behaviors occur, you will be called to remove your child.  Please understand that we have these rules in place for the safety of your child and others.

Illness Policy:

We love your kids but we don’t love their germs. If, in the last 24 hours they have had a fever, diarrhea, vomiting, any rash or skin condition, or symptoms of pink eye, we ask that you please not bring them to MOPS. If your child becomes sick while at MOPS, you will be notified immediately to leave the meeting and pick them up.

What to Bring:

If your child uses a sippy cup, please bring one with his/her name on it. If your child has special needs (potty training, food restrictions, etc.) please note those on a note card and hand it to the care giver upon drop off. To avoid a beloved toy getting lost, please leave only necessary items in the childcare rooms when dropping your children off.

Where will my child be?

Children will remain in the same classroom for the MOPS year – age as of September 2018. Changes can be made as needed due to large census numbers or special circumstances.

  • 6 weeks to 18 months – Nursery
  • 18 months to 36 months – 18 month to 36 month Classroom
  • 4 and 5 year olds – 2nd and 3rd grade Classroom
  • Homeschool children – Homeschool Classroom





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