Jenna Ciszewski

My name is Jenna Ciszewski. I grew up in Bethesda, OH. I moved to Wheeling in 2010 to be closer to work and then I met my husband, Trevor. We were happily married on 1/21/12 and we have 3 wonderful boys, Mason (14) Chayce (7) & Gray (5). My kids definitely keep me busy and provide me with plenty of laughter, love, motivation, determination, frustration, and did I mention love?! I am also an RN at our local level II trauma center, working 2-3 days a week. I love having 4-5 days off a week to spend with my family. In my down time I enjoy reading, drinking coffee on the porch, hiking, fishing, boating and any family-oriented outdoor adventures! I was introduced to MOPS through attending the Vineyard church. I found MOPS when I was beginning to feel like I needed some Mommy friends and felt lonely in my motherhood journey. I have made so many lifelong friendships through MOPS. I look forward to MOPS Mondays and some kid-free, Mommy time! MOPS has challenged me to be a better Mom, become closer to God in my journey of motherhood, and to establish some amazing friendships. I know God led me to this amazing group of women and I am very blessed to be a part of this group! This will be my 5th year at MOPS and final leadership year. I will forever cherish all the good times, lessons learned, the friends made, and the imprint that all of you have left on my heart!

Cameron Jones
Finance & Registration

My name is Cameron Jones. I was born and raised in the Ohio Valley. My husband and I have 4 children and one on the way. I have been attending MOPS for 3 years, and the Vineyard church for a little over 4 years. MOPS has helped me find my community. I didn’t have many friends when I became a mother and MOPS helped me become connected to women who are in the same stage of life as me…women who get it.  My favorite Bible verse is Romans 5:8 “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” I can’t wait for this year of MOPS! I’m looking forward to becoming closer to Christ, and meeting new moms!

Abigail Gaudino

I’m Abby Gaudino. The Vineyard Church has played a major part in my life. I was raised going to the church and met my husband in the youth group. We have been married 9 years and have two WONDERFUL sons Asher and Abram. I graduated from West Liberty University in 2011 with a biology degree. Currently, I work at the Howard Long Wellness Center teaching aerobics, and coach swimming for John Marshall High School. In my spare time, I like running half marathons, baking, and crafting. This is my 6th year helping with MOPS. This is the third year that I am overseeing MOPS KIDS and my second year as a MOPS International coach. I am so excited for this year and the lessons we have planned for the kids and what God has in store.

Whitney Taylor

My name is Whitney Taylor. This is my first year (but 2nd season) overseeing MOPS kids and I’m so excited for what’s to come! To tell you a little bit about myself, I was born in Phoenix, AZ but spent most of my childhood in Belmont, OH. As a young adult I moved and traveled to many different states. In 2016, I finally ended up back here in Ohio. My husband’s name is CT. He was born and raised in Louisiana. We have a big, beautiful, blended family of 6 littles. Twin girls Elesie and Nevaeh (13), ONE boy Sullen (10), Grace (9), Scarlett (4), and our new baby girl Preslie (2 months). I am so blessed to be a mom and even more blessed to be THEIR mom! They keep my life very busy and certainly entertaining! For the first time in a very long time I have been blessed with the opportunity to stay home with my kiddos full time! It isn’t always the easiest job but it is certainly the most rewarding! I am so very grateful to my husband for allowing me to stay home and focus on raising these sweet babies. I was introduced to MOPS by my good friend, Jenna Ciszewski. When I first started attending MOPS, I was a little shy. I’ve always had a little bit of social anxiety. It didn’t take me long, after attending the meetings, to realize what a wonderful opportunity it was to be a part of this group. I began to feel like I was a part of something positive and was able to connect with these women-moms that are in the same season of life as me. For a long time I’ve wanted to build on my relationship with God, make good friends, and share motherhood with other Godly mommas! MOPS has definitely been my tool to accomplish just that. MOPS makes me feel like I’m not alone in this crazy journey of motherhood. I am so excited to be on the leadership team! I look forward to getting closer to everyone and growing together with all of you wonderful mommas!

Brittany Scherich
Discussion Group Leader

My name is Brittany Scherich. I am a Christian, a wife, and a toxic free-home remedy makin-organic-homeschoolin’ Mama. I currently live in West Finley, Pennsylvania with my husband, Jake. We have been married for 8 years and we have two boys, Jace (6) and Kellen (3). I have been involved with MOPS for 6 years with this year being my 4th year in leadership. I enjoy crafting, baking, and spending time with my family. MOPS has really helped me in my motherhood journey. Mommin’ it alone (aside from your husband) is very lonely, so when my boys were younger, knowing that there were at least two days a month I would for sure be out of the house is something I would cling to. Now that my boys are older I want to find that mom who is in the same spot I was years ago and let her know how God can change her life…even if it starts at MOPS.

Katy Kurtz
Media & Publicity

Hi, mamas! My name is Katy Kurtz. This is my first year on the leadership team but I’ve been involved with the MOPS community for almost three years. My husband and I are both originally from Wheeling and moved back home a couple of years ago from Pittsburgh so that we could be closer to family. We wanted our girls (3.5 yrs and 4 months) to grow up having a close relationship to their grandparents. I’m an Entrepreneur at heart and because of my home based businesses, I was able to leave my full time job in March 2015… just a couple of weeks before I found out I was expecting our first baby! It’s been a blessing to be home ever since. Being a SAHM is no easy task but it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. It can get kind of lonely and isolating so MOPS is one outlet that I absolutely look forward to twice a month. It’s such a treat to get out of the house for some kid-free time, HOT coffee and fellowship with other moms who are in similar trenches as me. We get to grow in our faith, laugh, cry, joke about all the craziness motherhood can bring and develop life-long friendships! I’m really looking forward to this year and getting to know everyone better, especially any new mamas who decide to give MOPS a try. You never know how it could change your life!

Jessie Farris
Service Projects

Welcome to Wheeling MOPS! My name is Jessie Farris and I have been coming to Wheeling MOPS for 5 years.  My husband Philip and I are from Illinois but moved into the Ohio Valley area 5 years ago.  We have two beautiful girls, Katherine (5) and Delilah (2).  I am blessed to be able to stay at home with my kids.  When we moved to the area, I knew no one and was desperate to talk to other moms.  So I went where I always go, Facebook. I found the Wheeling MOPS Facebook page and attended a summer playdate.  That simple playdate has grown into friendships with a lot of women going through the same scary, crazy awesomeness of motherhood.  My kids look forward to the meetings almost as much as I do. They’ve made so many friends! The women in this group have helped me embrace motherhood and all it’s ups and downs. I am happy to be able to help other moms embrace it too! Let us all grow in our confidence as moms and our faith as women of God together.

Ashley Johnson
Service Projects

My name is Ashley Johnson (maiden name Kisner). I lived in the tri state area my whole life. Happily married my high school sweet heart in Las Vegas 2018 and we have 3 boys ages 11, 7 & 1 month old. Right now I am a stay at home mom and excited for this MOPs year. I have a degree in respiratory therapy and my last job I traveled for disaster relief work. I enjoy nature and love being outdoors, if its adventures I am in (sky diving, swimming with dolphins, etc.) & volunteer when I get a chance to. I can’t wait to make new mommy friends, I was introduced to MOPS through attending the Vineyard church, with God anything is possible & my favorite bible chapter is Corinthians 13 (love) but by favorite verse is Ephesians 3:20 & I can’t wait to see where God takes me next.

Rachael Goldbaugh
Creative Activities

Hello! My name is Rachael Goldbaugh. I am originally from a tiny little farm town in upstate New York. I met my husband in Wheeling while training for a previous job and I moved here permanently in 2013. I have an 8 year old step-daughter and a 2 year old son. We bought our first home, a fixer upper (yikes!), a year ago in June. Between those projects/issues (lol), a wild toddler, sassy pre-tween, dog, cat, & my hubby’s crazy work schedules – my life is full but my heart is fuller! Being a SAHM has always been my dream and I’m so grateful to get to live it in this season of my life. I started coming to MOPS in 2017 when my son was barely 3 months old. The encouragement and fellowship that followed was life-changing to me – as a wife, mom, person, & Jesus follower! Some of the very best friends I have in Wheeling, I got to know through MOPS! Our pastor, Chris, at the Vineyard church often says that all people, need people. I believe this is especially true for those of us in the trenches of motherhood. We need other mommas cheering us on and telling us it’s all going to be okay. We need moms that are living the very similar highs and lows that we are. These are those women!! MOPS is where you can find your tribe!

Corinne Troxell
Creative Activities

Hello, I’m Corinne! My two children (Isaiah 5, Taya 3) and I moved here from Central OH over a year ago to become a blended family with Tom and his two boys Colin 10 and Caden 9. I am a real estate agent for the state of West Virginia. For fun, I love home improvement projects, comedy shows, hiking, swimming, and spending time with family and friends! This is my first year in the MOPS leadership family, and I’ll be helping with the creativity aspect of our group. I love meeting new people and lending a helping hand so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Susan Hollis

Some important things about me that have shaped who I am today:  I grew up in Greensburg, PA, the 3rd of 4 children with a SAHM and grandma of my own.  I graduated from Loyola University Maryland with a degree in Theology.  After college, I volunteered fulltime for two years at Nazareth Farm, a Catholic retreat center in Doddridge County, WV, managing the kitchen and completing home repair projects around the community.  I’ve been living in Wheeling since November 2013.  I moved here to work at the Catholic Charities Neighborhood Center, focusing on financial and hunger issues in the Valley.  I married my husband Andrew in June 2016.  Welcoming our first child, Henry, in March 2017, I left my job to raise our family.  I have been nannying a few children as well, to Henry’s joy—he loves to play with others!  Our daughter Jane was born in May 2019.  We enjoy hiking, playing in the creek, reading, cooking, road trips, and spending frequent weekends with family.  I’ve been involved with MOPS since September 2017 and have really appreciated the fellowship, food, coffee, and childcare!  I hope to help make MOPS a welcoming environment for all mammas.  No one can raise these crazy kids (and stay sane) without a group of people to support her or him!!

Shelby Fluharty

Hi everyone! My name is Shelby Fluharty. I have an amazing fiancé and darling baby girl who is 10 months old. I’ve lived in Wheeling, WV my whole life and wouldn’t trade it for any other place. I went to school for early childhood development at WVNCC and worked full time as a childcare teacher. Now I’m a stay at home mommy and I’m loving it! I’ve made a lot of friends through MOPS and love seeing everyone’s smiling faces. Can’t wait for this fun filled year!

Brittany Friede

Hi, my name is Brittany. My husband Kyle and I have been married for 3 years this August. We have a 15 month old little boy named Keigan and we are also expecting our second bundle of joy this December. I am so grateful for this crazy wonderful motherhood journey I’m on, but I sure did not expect it to be so lonely! I found Mops last year through my friends on Facebook and I was terrified to go by myself. I finally forced myself to go because I needed it so badly and I was so surprised when I was met with open arms right when I walked in the door and I felt right at home. Mops has brought so much more joy into my life and has brought me closer to God and introduced me to so many beautiful mommas. My goal this year in leadership is to make other mommas feel as welcome as I did and give them hope when they might need it the most!

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